What You Need to Know About Google Docs

The advent of technology has made it easy to store and retrieve information anytime, anywhere, provided you are connected to the Internet. Now you don’t have to worry about having a large physical storage space to store your data and information. Today, we have made a lot of advances in cloud computing, and I find myself using cloud applications such as Google docs, to store content created for parking management businesses.

Google has helped brands to become more visible online and generate a lot of revenue from the process. One of the most commonly used tools is Google docs. It is a free word-processor or alternative to Microsoft Word that allows anyone to easily create, edit, and share their documents. Using Google docs, you can create awesome content and collaborate with your team.

Google Docs

With Google docs, you don’t need to make any software download. There are no payments needed and accessing the application is not constrained to any particular browser. It is a free and cross-platform application that lets you sync across your devices such as phones, tablets, and desktops. With Google docs, you can work both online and offline. All you need for your success is to have a Google account.

This cloud-based tool includes a clean layout with unique features for all users. You will have the chance to work, share, and collaborate anywhere. The platform enables users to automatically sync and save all their work so that they don’t have to worry about the save button.

Google Docs vs Microsoft Word

It should be noted Microsoft word has been around for longer than Google Docs and remains exceptionally very popular. Millions of multinational companies pay big time to use Microsoft Word and Microsoft suite of products. You can get started with Microsoft word with the Home and Business package that runs at $69.99.

Another key difference between Microsoft Word and Google Docs is how work is saved. If your laptop crashed while using Microsoft Word, you stand to lose any unsaved work. With Microsoft Word, your lives on your computer, unless you are using the cloud application. Using Google Docs is free, as compared to Microsoft Word which might necessarily not be true.

Google Docs gives users the ability to collaborate. The first of the collaboration is sharing content. There are many tips and tricks that users can take advantage of while using Google Docs. This happens regardless of whether working as an individual or team. Google Docs allows multiple people to work, collaborate, and make edits within a single document and in real-time through any browser.

Additionally, sharing becomes easy by creating a sharable link. Generating a sharable link is one of the easiest ways of Sharing content on Google Docs. You also have the option of sharing your document via email address. Doing so means sending an invite to a person’s inbox and adding a document to their Google account. You also have the chance to choose advanced sharing options which gives you the ability to choose how you want to share the document.

Key Components of a Business Plan That Stands Out


The power, technology, and resources we have today have made it easier than ever to start a new company. I can now walk to local government offices and start a business that deals with emergency towing in Charlotte with more ease than it was a decade ago. While starting a company may seem easier now than ever before, entrepreneurs are faced with an uphill task from the moment they decide to get started. Any new business will need to compete with a pool of competitors to stand out and win.

Aspiring entrepreneurs who go blind, without having a clear plan on hiring, marketing, and finances are destined to face it rough, in building a successful company. Crafting a business plan is an essential element that should never be skipped.

Here are the key details you should include in your business plan.

Executive summary

After the cover page, we have an executive summary that gives a brief in one or two pages of your business, by highlighting the most crucial pieces of information to your readers. It is intended to grab the attention of your readers and summarized crucial information regarding your company with short and long-term goals. From the executive summary, you will expect to read about the mission statement, the company history, and leadership model, overview of competitive advantage, financial projection, company goals, among others.

Company and Business Description

This section provides a more thorough description of what your company is and why it exists. The major part of writing this section will entail defining the company purpose, what the business will be selling, the target market as well as a clear plan for success. You will find descriptions of mission and vision statements, core values, team, and organization structure, among others.

Product and service line

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This category will help in providing a more in-depth overview of what products and services your business will be dealing with. Provide the name of each product or service you intend to engage in, purpose, and a description of how it works. Additionally, complete the process by adding the pricing model to your intent to apply.

Market Analysis

At the market analysis section, you provide details about your audience to which you are marketing your business. It should include the size of your total addressable market, demographics, psychographics, and analysis of your location. You should come with a documentation of your marketing research by applying Porter’s Five Forces Analysis, or SWOT approach.

Marketing Plan

Unlike the market analysis section, the marketing plan explains and analysis all the tactical approaches you will use in reading out to your target audience. You will need to list the channels you will be advertising on as well as the organic marketing methods you will use for the growth of your business. After you come up with a comprehensive marketing plan, attach it to the appendix section.

Financial Considerations

Ultimately, you will need your business to grow, and this growth will come when you invite investors to your business. Investors will want to know two things; when will they earn their money back and when will they start seeing returns to their initial investment. You need to be clear and calculated in convincing investors on the same.