Important Things you need to have in Your CV

resumeIt can be challenging to define and dictate which items are most useful to include in your CV when you are job hunting. Your resume should have both your professional and personal strengths in a very comprehensive yet just a straightforward manner. If you want to avoid featuring unnecessary information, here are simple and straightforward items you need to include in your CV.


Job Experience

One of the essential items to include in your resume for your employer to see is your employment history, what we call job experience. You want to show a track record of what you have been doing and what you are capable of doing. You do not have to list every job you have worked, but sure to include the most important ones. If you were involved in lots of jobs, you might consider offering a listing so that you do not miss out on important details. The key to highlighting these jobs is to demonstrate your wealth of experience and importance in any leadership role.


Educational Experience

In your CV, you have to include a list of your academic qualifications for your employer to see. Ensure you list all the degrees, certificates and other skills you have that can boost your chances of getting employed.  Some employers will have a keen interest in the specifics of your skills as well as the particular institutions you got admitted to. You need to use good judgment to list the grades you got in an internationally universal format.


Special Skills and Experience

In the section of specialized skills and experience, you have to list down any specialized skills and knowledge that you possess that can set you ahead of your competitors. Any specialized skills or complex tasks you worked on including internships should be listed in this category.

Personal Qualities

It will be essential to give your employer some sense of who you are and what you can achieve on a personal level. Include important about your interests, hobbies, and recreational activities. If you have interest on aspects such as movies, books, and sports, be sure to include them in your CV. It is important not to add too much information on your qualities and interest as it may negatively impact you.


Volunteer Work

It is imperative to include any volunteer work that has direct relevance to your line of work. Including volunteer work in your resume shows that you are willing to go above and beyond to deliver beyond what is required. It also shows that you are eager to give back to the community and the company without necessarily getting compensated.


Be keen on the words and language you use on your resume. Ensure that for every job advert, you coin your resume to be in line with the words used to describe their ideal candidate. Ensure you include keywords and attributes that define the personality traits of what recruiters are looking for. For your resume, keep it one page at all times. Studies have shown that most recruiters spend only 10 seconds trying to review your resume and judge if they are willing to work with you or not.